What goes into a decision? Analysis, experience, discussion and weighing risk. All that pales in comparison to the why.

Business owners are faced with decisions everyday. Pressure to increase revenues, decrease cost, manage employees and satisfy customers. Where does energy strategy fit into this?

Energy is the oxygen of commerce. While it does not rise to our conscious often, Energy drives our business forward. Energy enables transactions, transportation of goods, our employees and provides light and power for processing our data.

This fundamental essence of our businesses is undergoing immense change. Business now has options for more control over prices, sources and impact. Renewable energy, particularly solar, is leveling the playing field.

Solar decreases energy prices, limits exposure to rising utility rates, provides a more secure supply chain and supports the local economy. Granted, solar is not a magic pill. But, it provides a number of unique benefits to the business owner.

ID8 Energy was started to help businesses make the switch to renewable energy. Our mission is to provide superior project development, advisory services and value to the business owner. When we do our job right we create value for our customers, enable a transition to a cleaner energy future and make a contribution to peoples lives globally.

Our commitment is that 10% of our revenue is provided to impact causes around the world. It is my firm belief that we can all do good by doing well. That is why we created the ID8 Sustainable Dividend. To make sure our clients impact does not stop at economic benefit at just their business. Our efforts make small waves in our local communities and ripple out across the globe.

Each person matters and can create change. That is our why. What is yours?

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