We offer deep decarbonization focused on renewable thermal energy solutions. This comprises three elements:

ID8 RNG Development: Project Development
build, own, operate renewable thermal projects.

ID8 Markets: Asset Optimization and Advisory
monetize assets, optimize value and provide advisory services to help you develop and execute decarbonization solutions across your supply chain.

ID8 Asset Partners: Asset Management Fund
infrastructure fund for qualified investors to invest for impact and return.

How can we help you get started on your path to decarbonization?

"Creating economic viability at the nexus of scalable renewable thermal energy solutions and clean water is critical for the success of circular, decarbonized economies"

— Beau Griffey, Principal and Founder

The scalability of renewable thermal solutions is constrained by availability of local resources, incentives and transparent market signals.

Since these factors affect project economics and the viability of technologies, renewable thermal projects more difficult to scale.

Creating scalable solutions is critical to a decarbonized future.

25% Total share of thermal energy consumption across all US sectors. $270b annually.

Total share of global CO2 emissions from thermal energy. 

Global share of final energy demand.

We drive scalable decarbonization by connecting stakeholders with projects and solutions that generate measurable benefits to communities, the environment and investors.

ID8 partners with farmers, industry, waste companies and communities to transform waste into a significant value stream. We believe in alignment in project performance and a fair return for our partners.

The technologies we deploy provide nutrient management and soil improvement, reduce odor and emissions while improving water quality. 

Contact us to put your waste to work.

"One of water's most significant properties is that it takes a lot of heat to it to make it get hot." 

— US Geologic Survey

ID8 provides investors with exceptional risk adjusted return and impact investing. We build, buy and manage assets that generate lasting environmental, social and financial impact.Let’s collaborate on impact investing.


Mark Perman

Principal Asset Management

Mark spent the last five years in the energy market originally as a partner in Beach Front Energy, exited to a Fortune 100 company in 2016. Mark spent 20 years as an equities market maker most recently with UBS and RBC Capital Markets in New York and Boston. Mark has also consulted investors with various start up companies.

Karl Neset


Karl has a 25-year career in accounting, banking, and as an accomplished CFO, Karl provides the expertise to support the company in all aspects of strategic and financial planning, accounting and treasury activities.

Matt Johnson

General Counsel

Matt is a lawyer by training and previously worked for a corporate finance and securities law boutique where his practice focused on emerging companies. Matt has also held corporate development and technology development roles in both startup and corporate venturing environments.

Dennis Johnson


Dennis Johnson is Senior Engineer and Principal at Johnson Engineering Group, LLC. Previously, Dennis held the same position at Wenck Associates, Inc. for 15 years and owned his own engineering consulting firm for 20 years. Dennis is a recognized expert in the design, permitting, and construction of concentrated animal feeding operations.

Bob Peplin


Bob brings 36 years or engineering and design experience in water and wastewater, includes design development, progress layouts, preparation of contract documents, and Professional Environmental Engineer: MN, SD, ND, IA, WI.